Total War: Troy screenshot of a close-quarters duel

[Update #2]: Total War: Troy's Amazons DLC will be free to grab just like the base game.

[Update]: Total War: Troy's campaign gameplay preview shows off Menelaus and Sparta

A short while ago Creative Assembly announced that Total War: Troy will be releasing this August 13th exclusively for the Epic Games Store. More importantly, they also revealed that Troy will be entirely free to grab for 24 hours after launch!

So if you're curious what exactly Troy has to offer in terms of gameplay, as well as if it's even the type of game you should bother grabbing, you'll find the answers you seek in the newly posted gameplay preview. Have a gander:

After watching the trailer and some of the other variants of this battle, it would appear that my greatest fear has come true - Troy seems to be painfully stuck between historical accuracy and legendary spectacles. People like me that wanted to see the actual Minotaur are disappointed it's just a guy in a silly mask, while those seeking a proper representation of historical battles are now stuck with a ridiculously tall super-human that can mince entire legions on his own. So instead of pleasing one side and going all-out, I have a feeling Troy has just made itself a bit less attractive to both.

That said, I am willing to give it a fair chance. Thrones of Britannia ended up being pretty fun for a couple of playthroughs despite some of its shortcomings, so I can only hope the same will apply to Troy as well. If nothing else, at least it appears that the new siege maps will be a whole lot more interesting than the Warhammer 2 ones!

You can learn more about Total War: Troy, as well as keep up with any future updates, over at the official website.