Total War: Three Kingdom's A World Betrayed official artwork without logo

[Update]: Total War: Three Kingdoms' The Furious Wild DLC is bringing in the southern Nanman tribes

Total War: Three Kingdom's A World Betrayed update and DLC release back in March, bringing with them a whole host of improvements for the main campaign. The paid DLC added two new factions led by Lü Bu and Sun Ce, thirteen returning factions with new challenges on the campaign map, as well as new story-focused events. The free update was even more impressive, however, as it not only brought in an assortment of new and interesting characters to recruit, but also heavily reworked the bandit factions, improved the spying system, and naturally, added a bunch of quality of life tweaks.

If that sounds like a good bit of fun to you, then you might be pleased to hear that A World Betrayed has now also made its way to macOS and Linux. Much like the rest of the multi-platform games on Steam, if you already own a copy, you will have immediate access to all of the available versions. In other words, don't accidentally purchase another copy!

As for what exactly A World Betrayed looks like in gameplay terms, as well as what the overall story is about, that you'll find out through two of the trailers down below. Have a look, starting with the cinematic announcement trailer and ending with the more detailed overview trailer:

You can learn more about Total War: Three Kingdoms and its A World Betrayed update over at official website. Have fun!