Total War: Three Kingdoms A World Betrayed official artwork

[Update #2]: Total War: Three Kingdoms' The Furious Wild DLC is bringing in the southern Nanman tribes

[Update]: A World Betrayed has now also made its way to both Linux and macOS.

As a part of the A World Betrayed update, Total War: Three Kingdoms has just received a brand new DLC and a massive free patch. On the paid side of things, the DLC brings with it two new factions led by Lü Bu and Sun Ce, thirteen returning factions with new challenges on the campaign map, new story-focused events, and naturally, even more units to toy around with.

The free update is even more impressive as it not only adds a bunch of new and interesting characters to recruit, but also a better spying system, quality of life tweaks, as well as numerous balance tweaks. Most importantly of all, the free update has also greatly reworked the bandit factions and given them a bit of a unique playstyle. So even if you're not planning to grab the DLC, the bandit rework alone should keep you entertained for quite a few hours.

As for what exactly all of this looks like in gameplay terms, that you can find out through two of the most recent trailers. The first one is the story trailer highlighting just what the A World Betrayed DLC has to offer, while the second one is a bit of a lengthier preview showing off all of the fancy (and free) new content. Have a look:

You can learn more about A World Betrayed and its accompanying update, as well as potentially grab yourself a copy of the DLC, over at the official website. Have fun!