Total War: Rome 2 Desert Kingdoms screenshots of archers fighting an elephant

Creative Assembly has gone all-out with Total War games these past few months. Total War: Warhammer 2 recently got Tomb Kings as a brand new race, Total War: Rome 2's Empire Divided expansion launched with a whole bunch of new content, Total War: Three Kingdoms and the more focused Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia are just beyond the horizon, and if that wasn't enough, Rome 2 will soon be getting another DLC - the Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack!

As you might imagine from the name alone, the Desert Kingdoms expansion will bring with it four new playable factions that will help flesh out some of Rome 2's less interesting provinces. The kingdoms in question are: Meroe (Kingdom of Kush), Saba, Nabatea and Masaesyli. If the names alone don't ring any bells, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from these new factions. Have a look:

It is worth mentioning that unlike the previous Empire Divided expansion, the Desert Kingdoms is comparatively small. It will bring with it new units, building chains, technology trees, as well as individual faction traits, but the core gameplay is not going to be changing in any significant way. In other words, if you're not a fan of Rome 2 even after all this time, I'm afraid this isn't going to be the DLC that changes your disposition.

If you don't mind its smaller scope, however, you can learn more about the Desert Kingdoms over at Steam. As for the release date, the Desert Kingdoms will be coming to Total War: Rome 2 on March 8th at €8 price tag once you include the launch week discount. Not a bad deal if you're still playing Rome 2, not a bad deal at all!

And finally, I'll leave you with a couple of images, just for good measure!

Total War: Rome 2 Desert Kingdoms DLC screenshot of a camel charge

Total War: Rome 2 Desert Kingdoms DLC screenshot of a horse cavarly charge

Total War: Rome 2 Desert Kingdoms DLC screenshot of a shield wall against elephants