Total War: Rome 2: Empire Divided screenshot of a battlefield

Total War: Rome 2's Empire Divided DLC has now arrived on Steam, bringing with it 10 new factions and a whole bunch of new features to toy around with. You can expect to see stuff like plagues and banditry, cults and an overhauled politics system, new general skills and narrative technologies, updated building chains and new unique units, and the list goes on for quite a while.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in-game, wonder no more as Creative Assembly has recently posted a lengthy gameplay video showing off the Zenobia campaign. Have a look, its a fairly interesting video:

If you prefer the written word, however, you can learn more about Empire Divided by heading over to Steam. Creative Assembly has done an excellent job of outlining most of the major features, which combined with the user reviews should give you a pretty damn good idea of what Empire Divided is all about, and whether its something you would even want to play after the two Warhammer games.

As a final note, its also worth mentioning that Creative Assembly has released a series of beginner guides aimed at helping people adjust to not only Empire Divided, but Rome 2 in general. You'll find the guides at the official website, and I would recommend you give them a look as they'll make your first few hours a lot less painful. Have fun with the new content, and here's another gameplay preview to send you on your merry way: