Titanfall 2's official screenshot

Only a month has passed since Angel City's Most Wanted, Titanfall 2's first free piece of DLC, and apparently the team is almost ready to deliver another update. The upcoming Live Fire DLC will add a brand new 6v6 Pilot-only mode that revolve around competitive, close quarters combat with no respawns. In order to win the round you will need to either eliminate the enemy team, or hold the neutral flag when the round timer ends. As such, I am expecting the game mode to primarily focus around teamwork and mobility skills, as staying together and staying alive is going to be of the utmost importance.

Besides the new game mode there will also be three new maps to toy around with. Two of these, Stacks and Meadow, will be designed specifically with the Live Fire game mode in mind, so expect to see a whole bunch of enclosed "death boxes" and plenty of routes to flank the enemy with. The third and final map is going to be a brand new Coliseum map called Columns, though the developers haven't released any information on it just yet... but I think its safe to say it will feature a whole bunch of columns!

And finally, I am glad to say that the devs are currently working on updating the playlist interface in order to revitalize some of the dead game modes. The goal is to allow players to create their own 'mixtapes' and choose which modes they want to be matched in, which should go a long way towards keeping the less popular game modes actually relevant. If you're interested in a few more tidbits of information you can head over to the official website, but if you're looking for specifics I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a little while longer as "everything else is still highly classified".