Titanfall 2's Angel City official artwork

If you've been itching to find out what Titanfall 2 is all about, but you didn't feel like dropping a rather sizable chunk of change to do so, I'm happy to announce that there is a free multiplayer trial incoming! Starting from tomorrow, December 2nd, players on all three platforms will be able to access every single aspect of Titanfall 2's multiplayer for a limited amount of time. And if you're wondering how long a "limited amount of time" is exactly, I'm afraid there is currently no specific answer, but its most likely going to be a couple of hours, at the very least.

So what exactly is Titanfall 2's multiplayer even like? Well, that's a rather difficult question to answer, but the recently posted trailer for the upcoming Angel City map should at the very least give you an idea of what sort of madness is possible. Have a look:

However, while the free multiplayer trial begins on December 2nd, I would advise you to wait until December 3rd before climbing into your mech. The reason is that the very first piece of free DLC, Angel City's Most Wanted, will be arriving on December 3rd, so if you're going to try out Titanfall 2 you might as well do it with a whole bunch of extra content.

There's a new map to explore, a new weapon, a couple of new Titan abilities, and a whole bunch of fancy cosmetics to make your Titan an even more glaringly obvious target. Its not much, especially if you're a new player, but at the very least you can guarantee that all of the other players will be equally as confused as you are!

Have fun with Titanfall 2, its surprisingly enjoyable.