Titanfall 2's action screenshot on the new War Games map

Titanfall 2 developers promised they would continue supporting Titanfall 2 long after launch, and so far they have done an extremely good job. The rather large Monarch Update has only just arrived earlier this month, and already we have a brand new update just looming over the horizon!

The currently unnamed 6th DLC (don't get scared by the name, its a free update) will bring with it two new maps, a whole bunch of balance changes and new features, and most importantly of all, a 3rd weapon slot for Pilots. No longer will you have to choose between having an actual sidearm and a way to fight against Titans! It took them quite a while to realize this fact, but hey, there's no reason to complain about Respawn pushing Titanfall 2 towards a much more balanced and interesting 'meta'.

There are currently very few specifics available, but if you would like to get a few more tidbits (such as map descriptions) you'll find what you seek on the official website. As for the release date, you can expect Titanfall 2's 6th DLC to arrive on June 27th, a mere 5 days from now! And since I can offer you very little else in terms of actual information, mostly because there isn't any, allow me to send you off with two images showing off the new maps. The first one is for War Games and the second one for the new Live Fire map Traffic:

Titanfall 2 screenshot of the War Games map

Titanfall 2 screenshot of the Traffic map