Titanfall 2 Monarch's Reign Update screenshot of the Monarch

After a week of teasers and tiny bits of information here and there Titanfall 2: Monarch's Reign update has now finally arrived. It brings with it a brand new Titan by the name of Monarch, a remastered version of the Relic map from the original Titanfall, new cosmetics including Tone and Ronin Prime, a new execution move that uses Cloak, and a whole bunch of fixes to make Crashsite more pleasant to navigate.

The new Monarch Titan is primarily geared towards flexibility through both survival and support options. Its capable of dishing out a fair bit of punishment on its own, but the true strength of the Monarch comes from its ability to draw power from enemy Titans in order to recharge its shields, or even the shields of friendly Titans. If you're wondering what this might look like in gameplay terms, wonder no more as Respawn has released a brief trailer showcasing the Monarch in action. Have a look:

The update has also brought with it a couple of bug fixes and balance changes. The most significant alteration is that Titan Meter and Core Meter are now gained when damaging shielded Titans, though the Core Meter generation from damage has been slightly reduced in order to compensate. Given how much Monarch is focused around shielding I am very glad the developers got this change through as it would just be slightly annoying to play otherwise. If you're interested in the full patch notes and the list of bug fixes you'll find what you seek over at the official website.