The Walking Dead: Season 1 Lee and Clementine screenshot

One of the main benefits of owning Twitch Prime, besides the ad-free streams and a subscription to a channel of your choice, is the variety of free games and bonus in-game loot that rotate on a monthly basis. Last month this was in-game goodies for Watch Dogs 2, as well as free copies of Punch Club and This War of Mine, while this month is starting off with one of my favorites - The Walking Dead: Season 1.

So if by some miracle you still haven't played The Walking Dead, but you own a Twitch Prime membership, head on over here to claim your free copy. Do bear in mind, however, that this whole promotion will end on December 13, so don't wait for too long or you might just miss it.

And if you're not sure whether Twitch Prime is something you would enjoy, you can sign up for the free trial in order to check it out, but also to pick up The Walking Dead: Season 1 along the way. Just remember to actually unsubscribe if you don't end up finding it useful, because most of these free trials tend to try and automatically bill you the moment their free trial period is over.

As a final note, and this one is reserved for those among you that have played through The Walking Dead: Season 1 & 2, Season 3 is set to arrive this December 20th. If you're interested in learning a little bit more about it, more specifically about the newly introduced main character, head on over here. And for the rest of you, don't look up anything online until you've finished Season 1 in its entirety as its best experienced blind. Have fun!