The Walking Dead: Season 3 official screenshot of Clementine and Javier

Its been known for a while now that The Walking Dead: Season 3 will allow us to play as both Clementine and her newfound companion Javier, but who exactly he was Telltale didn't elaborate. And with Season 3 set to release on December 20, its about time we've finally received a little bit of characterization for someone we're bound to spend hours upon hours keeping alive from all sorts of horrible mishaps.

So if you're up for learning a couple of details about Javier, more specifically about how he first encountered the zombie menace, head over to the video down below. Oh, and don't worry about spoilers because the biggest revelation you'll get from the video is that zombies do indeed exist. Anyway, have a look:

While the premise behind the video was pretty basic, I have to admit that it was executed surprisingly well. I especially love how long it took Javier to actually take the swing, because tiny details like this really do help make the characters much more than vehicles that drive the plot along. Whether this will be the case in the game itself, I have no idea, but with the release date set for December 20 we at least won't have to wait for very long in order to find out.

And since I can offer you basically nothing more in terms of useful information, mostly because Telltale is keeping a rather closed lid on Season 3, here's a couple of images showing off the general atmosphere:

The Walking Dead Season 3 slaughterhouse screenshot

The Walking Dead Season 3 junkyard screenshot

The Walking Dead Season 3 Clementine screenshot