The Forest screenshot of some cannibals attacking the player

[Update #2]: Sons of the Forest, sequel to the The Forest, will be launching on May 20, 2022 for PC.

[Update]: After four years in Early Access, The Forest has now finally been unleashed alongside mostly positive reviews!

After spending around four years in Steam Early Access, the survival-focused horror game The Forest is now finally getting ready to shed the "beta" tag. According to the most recent developer post, you can expect to see the full version emerge from Early Access on April 30th. This transition will be marked by a major update, a portion of which was detailed back in February, along with an increased price tag - from $15 to $20.

If you're wondering whether its worth your time and money, I would say the answer depends entirely on your tolerance of the "gather, craft, kill, loot and repeat" style of gameplay. So if the idea of collecting dozens upon dozens of wooden logs to construct your base doesn't sound appealing to you, then chances are The Forest will drive you insane, and not in the good horror kind of way. On the other hand, if you would like to create your own little sanctuary amidst a cannibal-infested landscape, then The Forest is going to provide you with plenty of exciting moments.

Rather than continue to babble on, allow me to instead share with you one of the recent gameplay trailers. It's not a very long video by any stretch, but it should still give you a bit of an idea of what you can expect from The Forest. Have a look:

If you prefer the written word, however, you can learn more about The Forest by heading over to either Steam or the official website.