Yakuza: Like a Dragon official artwork and logo

[Update]: Yakuza studio's action-adventure Judgment and its sequel have now suddenly landed onto PC.

I hope you're up for something a bit out of the ordinary, because the freshly released Yakuza: Like a Dragon has decided to really mix things up. Instead of sticking with the brawler/action-based combat system like its predecessors, Yakuza: Like a Dragon has opted to go with turn-based combat most similar to JRPGs.

While that might sound like pure lunacy, in practice it actually works pretty darn well! As such, even though it's drastically different from the rest of the series in terms of raw gameplay, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is still a proper Yakuza game, and a highly entertaining one at that. So if you're a fan of the series and don't mind the new direction, it's well worth looking into.

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you one of the gameplay trailers highlighting the various combat styles. Have a gander, it's certainly an... interesting bunch:

To learn more about Yakuza: Like a Dragon, as well as check out some of the user reviews, you should hop on over to Steam. Enjoy!