Judgement, Yakuza studio's action-adventure, official artwork and logo

In an announcement that was accompanied by surprisingly little fanfare, Sega has now unleashed The Judgment Collection onto PC. The collection brings with it the original action-adventure Judgement, its sequel Lost Judgement, as well as the sequel's story-focused expansion The Kaito Files.

The whole package will set you back ~99€ thanks to a 24% discount, while individually Judgement is 40€, Lost Judgement 60€ and The Kaito Files expansion 30€. Needless to say the whole collection is a bit pricey, but if you're a fan of the Yakuza studio's rather iconic blend of gameplay, storytelling and humor, it might just be worth the trouble.

What The Judgment Collection looks like in action, as well as what the gameplay is even all about, that you can get a pretty good idea of through the launch trailer below. Have a peek:

I haven't played it myself so take the following with a few grains of salt, but judging by the player reviews so far it looks like The Judgment Collection is quite solid. The gameplay may or may not be up your alley, all depending on how much you can tolerate a serious plot being constantly interrupted with ridiculous scenarios, but the whole thing is well polished and there don't appear to be any major technical problems. So if you're itching to give the series a try, the PC version does look like a pretty good place to start.

You can learn more The Judgment Collection, as well as check out what people think about each individual game, over at Steam. Enjoy!