Turok Dinosaur Hunter official artwork

The remastered version of Turok, the old school dinosaur-hating FPS, launched around a year ago to some overwhelmingly positive reviews. While I've personally never played it, the common opinion seems to be that this is most definitive version of the game given the improved controls, superior visuals, and general bugfixing.

But if you found the level design to be as confusing as I did so many years ago, you'll be delighted to hear that the developers have now added a level editor! You can use it to modify current maps and add new features, create your own levels or pre-built areas for others to use, mess around with textures and gameplay mechanics, and all that good stuff.

And as you might expect all of this is linked to the Steam Workshop, so you can easily share your own creations, or just download the best stuff other people have created. As of right now the Turok Workshop doesn't have very many maps, and the ones it does have are test levels the creators are still messing around with, but given that the level editor released only a couple of days ago I'd say its off to a rather good start... especially when you consider the original launched in 1997!

Finally, if you're wondering about the fate of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, apparently that is also getting an HD remaster! The details are still a bit scarce as its early in development, but once released its going to sport greatly improved graphics, support for modern resolutions and 60 FPS, much better mouse aiming, as well as a variety of bug fixes to make the whole experience a much more pleasant one. I'm afraid there is no release date available just yet, but it is most definitely coming!