Turok 2: Seeds of Evil artwork and logo

When it comes to modern remasters of ancient games, Nightdive Studios are truly masters of their craft. Their versions of System Shock and Turok sport greatly improved graphics, support for modern resolutions and 60 FPS, much better mouse aiming, and to top it all off, a variety of gameplay fixes that only serve to add to the game's charm. In short, they've made already great games even better!

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, its because Nightdive Studios just recently announced that they are tackling one of my favorite classic FPS games - Turok 2: Seeds of Evil! Here's the brief, albeit rather exciting announcement message:

"So as many of you may have guessed, working on the rights to these classic titles can be tricky and sometimes contractual obligations prevents the transparency we've enjoyed on some of our other titles which is why updates have been mysteriously absent.

We're well aware of the demand for Turok 2 and it is still in development...in fact we started development just shortly after the launch of the first Turok. Turok 2 is a bigger game, more enemies, more weapons, more locations and most importantly...Turok 2 had Multiplayer.

In our quest to bring you the most authentic experience at the highest quality level available we've decided to give Turok 2 the love it deserves and release the game "when it's done" which is why all we've been able to say is this:

Turok 2 is coming!"

While there is absolutely no information available right now, its still good to hear that not is Turok 2 getting a modern remaster, but its being made by people that actually care about the series! There isn't much more you can really ask. And just for nostalgia's sake, here's one of the earliest Turok 2 trailers in all of its potato quality glory: