Code Vein screenshot of close quarters combat

Code Vein is Bandai Namco's Dark Souls inspired action-RPG that's focused around tactical melee combat, meaning it's all about dodging and blocking, careful timing, as well as punishing enemies whenever they make a mistake. It was supposed to release this September 28th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but according to the latest announcement its launch has been postponed.

"Based on all the feedback we have received over the last few months, we have decided to push back the release into 2019," reads the brief update. "We want to refine the gameplay even more and further exceed your expectations upon full release."

Besides the obvious benefit of having more time to polish up the gameplay, I think this whole delay was also an excellent decision purely based on the release timing. Code Vein is without a doubt a niche game, so releasing it alongside a slue of AAA games in September would've likely resulted in it being overlooked, which would be a real shame since it genuinely seems interesting. Having it launch in early 2019, in a much more polished and interesting form, is likely to be better for everyone involved, so I have to say I'm perfectly content waiting for a few more months.

To learn more about Code Vein, as well as follow any further developer updates, you should head on over to the official website. And as a final note, I'll send you off with one of the recent trailers. Enjoy!