The Sims 4 Island Living screenshot of the lovely visuals

[Update #2]: The base version of The Sims 4 is now entirely free-to-play on both PC and consoles.

[Update]: Eco Lifestyle, the newest expansion, is bringing in a variety of green technologies and consequences for pollution.

If you're looking to escape the summer heat, or just want brand new ways of messing with your poor Sims, you might be interested to hear that the Island Living expansion has now arrived. As you might imagine from the name alone, Island Living has brought with it a whole bunch of new content related to boats and beaches, a variety of sea-focused jobs like Lifeguard or Conservationist, as well as a whole host of cosmetic items to help you customize your new island home.

Perhaps most importantly, at least as far as messing around with your Sims is concerned, there's also a couple of new mysteries to uncover. One of these will even allow you to transform your Sim into a mermaid with its own special set of powers and weakness. And yes, you can use these new powers to be an absolute nuisance to everyone around you, which is always a good bit of fun!

As for what exactly all of this looks like in gameplay terms, allow me to share with you the recently posted and rather all-encompassing trailer. Have a gander:

You can learn more about Island Living, as well as potentially grab the expansion yourself, by sailing over to the official website. Enjoy!