New Gundam Breaker screenshot of robots fighting in a classroom

[Update]: Overwatch inspired Gundam Evolution has now landed onto PC, though only in some countries.

As you would expect from the name alone, New Gundam Breaker is a robot-building hack and slash that seems to be specifically designed to help people relive their childhood fantasies. So whether you prefer to smash robots together or just build one abomination made out of parts from a dozen different robots, the PC version will be arriving this September 25th to give you a chance of doing just that.

If you're wondering what this will look like in-game, as well as how deep you'll be able to go with the customization, you'll hopefully find the answers you seek in the trailer down below. Have a gander:

The Steam version will include all of the PS4 updates (up to patch 1.04), which should help make the launch as smooth as possible. Additionally, there will be two brand new battlefields to muck around in: the class room and the student boardroom. Not exactly the first places I think of when somebody says "battlefield", but it should be quite interesting to see a whole bunch of robots fighting over books and pencil cases!

To learn more about New Gundam Breaker, as well as grab yourself a copy once it becomes available, you should head on over to the official website.

New Gundam Breaker up close screenshot of one of the robots