Gundam Evolution artwork and logo for the Overwatch inspired 6v6 FPS

Much like Overwatch from which it draws a great deal of inspiration, Gundam Evolution is a 6v6, objective-based shooter where each mech brings with it a unique assortment of weapons and abilities to mess around with. As such, success is less about pure aiming prowess and more about knowing how to best utilize the synergies between your team's mechs in order to push back your opponents and secure objectives.

Since purely talking about an FPS game is a bit of a pointless endeavor, allow me to share with you the launch trailer. That should give you a pretty good idea of just what Gundam Evolution is trying to do, as well as what types of mechs you'll be able to pilot. Have a look:

While the game itself is free-to-play, and the action seemingly quite solid, there is one rather significant problem - Gundam Evolution has only launched in a select few countries. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to why some were chosen over others, as for example Gundam Evolution is available in Norway and Sweden, but not in Finland.

I can only imagine Gundam Evolution will expand its service to other countries as time goes on, but for right now you might want to check if you can actually play the game before you get too excited about the prospect of smacking giant robots against each other. You can do so by simply hopping over to Steam. If you're like me and you get the "This item is currently unavailable in your region" error, I'm afraid you're out of luck.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about Gundam Evolution, as well as follow any developer updates, over at the official website.