Beyond Good and Evil official artwork

Beyond Good and Evil is well over 10 years old at this point, and given that Beyond Good and Evil 2 has just recently been announced I can't blame you if you're a bit curious about what the 'series' has to offer. Well, you'll soon have a chance to find out!

As a part of the Ubisoft Club promotions the PC version of Beyond Good and Evil, the 2003 puzzle-solving action-adventure, will be available for free later today. By 'later today' I mean at some point on October 12, so don't get too excited if your region hasn't crossed over to the twelfth just yet! 

On a somewhat different note, if you're wondering what Beyond Good and Evil even looks like, here's one of its trailers. The quality might not be the best by today's standards, but compared to most games of that era its actually aged surprisingly well. Have a look:

Oh, and just in case you haven't realized this already - you will need Uplay in order to claim your free copy of Beyond Good and Evil. I'm not going to pretend Uplay is a great client, I personally hate it, but a free game is well worth the mild inconvenience. Have fun!