New Beyond Good & Evil 2 artwork

If you're wondering where exactly the "again" comes from, you might be surprised to hear that Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in 'development' for nearly a decade now. And this wasn't just any half-assed project the developers announced and then never touched again - it even had a proper gameplay trailer! Unfortunately for the fans of the 'series', the developers haven't released any new information about Beyond Good & Evil 2 for many years now, so I think its safe to assume that specific project has by now been canceled.

There is some hope on the horizon, however, as Ubisoft has just recently come out to officially announce that their Montpellier Studio is now working on a brand new Beyond Good & Evil game! Since there isn't much information to talk about right now, by which I mean there isn't any information at all, allow me to share with you the old trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 - purely as a showcase of what the series was originally going to be like:

The more observant among you may have noticed that Ubisoft never specifically referred to this new game as Beyond Good & Evil 2, but rather as a "new Beyond Good & Evil game". This could obviously mean nothing given that the entire announcement is two sentences long, but if we consider the wording to be intentional... well, things then become quite interesting. Perhaps this new Beyond Good & Evil game is going to be a prequel of some sort? The recently posted artwork sure does point in that direction!

Whatever this new Beyond Good & Evil game is going to be about, I have a feeling we'll find out during the upcoming Paris Games Week. So until then I would recommend you don't get too excited as who knows when this is going to be released... or even if its going to be a 'proper' Beyond Good & Evil game. Knowing how companies operate these days it wouldn't surprise me if Ubisoft decided the series needed a reboot as a VR kart game for mobile phones... though someone should definitely get on that idea, it has the potential to be pretty damn awesome!