Wrecking Ball artwork for Overwatch's new Hammond hamster hero

From the recently posted teasers it became obvious that the next Overwatch hero is going to either be Hammond (a highly intelligent animal from the Horizon Lunar Colony) or Wrecking Ball (an arena champion from the Junkertown map). As it turns out, the next hero is going to be both - a sentient hamster called Hammond that fights with a gigantic ball-shaped mech called Wrecking Ball!

Since I'm aware all of that sounds completely and utterly insane, allow me to prove that I'm not joking by sharing the recently posted origin story trailer. Have a look, it's quite something alright!

As far as gameplay is concerned, you can read more about Wrecking Ball's abilities over at the official website. Long story short, he is a highly mobile tank with a skill ceeling so high it's probably going to take you dozens of hours before you start getting a grasp of how to truly utilize all of his movement abilities. Once you manage to do that, however, I can definitely see Wrecking Ball being a real menace on the battlefield as his damage is surprisingly high for a tank. 

Besides Mr. Whiskers, this update has also added some much needed buffs to hitscan heroes and Mei, a nerf to Hanzo, and a bit of a rework for Sombra. You can find all of the details over at the official forums, or you can just head on over to the PTR and check all of the changes out in action.

Have fun wrecking people with Wrecking Ball... and also probably wrecking yourself by slamming straight into a wall over and over again!