Overwatch screenshot of the teaser for the next hero

A couple of days ago Blizzard released a fairly small teaser for the next hero. It was quite literally a six-second-long video of a wall in Rialto, with very little else happening on screen. The only interesting part of the teaser was a small image of a monkey painted onto the wall, an image that immediately got people to speculate that the next hero will be Hammond - one of Winston's Moon-monkeys that seems to have orchestrated the downfall of the Horizon Lunar Colony.

The most recent teaser, however, is much more interesting! Instead of a static image of a wall, we now have a giant, seemingly-robotic ball rolling across the screen. Before I say anything else, you should probably go and check out the video over at the official Twitter.

While nothing has been confirmed just yet, there are two credible theories about who this hero could be. The first and most obvious one is that this is Hammond either arriving onto Earth in his escape pod, or using his escape pod as some sort of weapon. The one problem is that this is all far too predictable, especially with the reference to Super Monkey Ball. The Overwatch team has included fake-outs and intentionally misleading teasers with all of their hero releases, so there is a good chance this teaser is just that.

The second, and perhaps a lot more intriguing theory, is that this is Wrecking Ball from the Junkertown map. We currently know absolutely nothing about him other than he's the reigning champing, but given his name and the fact that his design looks quite similar to the one in the teaser, it is entirely possible for this new hero to either be Wrecking Ball himself, or some sort of variation of his mech suit. I certainly wouldn't mind having even more crazy, irradiated Australians in Overwatch!

Once more details get reveled I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you should probably go and check out the Symmetra rework on the PTR. It's going to be arriving onto the live servers in the near future, so it would be a wise idea to get used to all of Symmetra's new tricks before having them thrown straight at your face!