Ghost Recon Wildlands stealth screenshot

If you're a fan of stealth and subterfuge then today is your lucky day! Not only has Bethesda just recently posted a lengthy preview of Dishonored 2's Clockwork Mansion done as sneakily as possible, Ubisoft has also decided to do a similar thing with the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands.

While the Ghost Recon Wildlands video doesn't contain any clockwork soldiers, it does feature a heavily armed encampment and a whole slew of sneaky tactics the developers have employed in order to breach its defenses. If you were wondering what the stealth gameplay in Wildlands is going to be like, here you go:

First and foremost, I must say that Ubisoft has managed to make Ghost Recon Wildlands look absolutely spectacular. Some of the textures are low quality and the rain effects are pretty damn poor, but the atmosphere is spot on! Sneaking through the dark corners of an enemy base is about as tense as I expected it to be, while the rundown architecture and hastily constructed fortifications give off a rather somber mood to the whole ordeal. In short, its pretty much ideal for a stealth orientated playthrough, so here's to hoping all of this doesn't get downgraded by the time we actually come close to release!

As far as flaws are concerned, the AI seems to be a massive problem right now. The guards are either drugged out of their minds 24/7, or they are simply unable to see anything that isn't directly in front of them. There were numerous occasions where one of the players either walked right next to a guard, or sometimes even in front of a guard, without so much as a peep from them. I'm fully aware that the developers aren't making Wildlands with insanely challenging stealth gameplay in mind, but even so, having weak AI is going to be a massive detriment to the longevity of a game, especially given how much they are pushing the whole 'open world' aspect. Whether I'm correct on this or not, we'll be able to find out relatively soon as Ghost Recon Wildlands will be releasing for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on March 7th, 2017.

And finally, a word of warning. Do not pre-order Wildlands, no matter how good it looks! Ubisoft is rather famous for their amazing trailers and gameplay previews, but also for their 'hit and miss' style of game development. Just wait for launch, and if the reviews end up being good you can grab it and enjoy it without having to worry if your €60 have just gone down the drain.

Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay screenshot of a jungle