Injustice 2 screenshot of Harley Quinn

If you're a fan of repeatedly getting punched in the face, or whatever it is that people do in fighting games, you might want to check out the currently ongoing Humble "Let's Fight" Bundle. As the name would suggest, the bundle is filled with all sorts of fighting games, both serious and somewhat comedic in nature.

When it comes to the games themselves, you can find the full list, as well as the pricing tier they appear in, right below. Have a look:

Pay €0.85 to unlock:

Stick Fight: The Game

Pay more than the average of €3.39 to also unlock:

 RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Pay €8.55 or more to also unlock:

 Injustice 2

While I'm not the biggest fan of fighting games myself, I think I can still safely recommend this bundle as the minimum price tag is fairly low. So if you're in the mood for some experimentation, Nidhogg, Absolver, Overgrowth and Injustice 2 are the games I'd focus my attention on first. Which one I'd consider the best, that's almost impossible to answer given how infrequently I play these types of games, but they have managed to stick around in my mind for all this time so clearly they've done something right.

Have fun, and just for good measure, I'll leave you with the trailer forOvergrowth as I'm still impressed it has managed to see the light of day after 10 years in development!