The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset screenshot of the Psijic Order looking at a castle in the distance

The Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming expansion will be shifting the action to Summerset, the fabled home of the High Elves and an area of the world we haven't been able to visit since the very first Elder Scrolls game. You can expect to see a variety of new and interesting zones to explore, a whole bunch of public dungeons, delves, bosses and group-content to conquer, the ability to craft jewelry with powerful effects, as well as the opportunity to join the ancient Psijic Order in order to unlock a whole set of new spells.

If you haven't heard about the Psijic Order and you're currently wondering what they're all about, or if you're just curious about what sort of new spells you'll be able to mess around with, you'll find your answers in the recently posted preview down below. Have a look, the video's fairly brief:

“The Psijic Order have stated that they are primarily interested in learning the fundamental basics of the world and universe, what holds it together, and what could threaten it," explains Lawrence Schick, The Elder Scrolls Online's Loremaster. “They are dedicated to knowledge and study for its own ends, and to them, knowledge is its own reward."

“The Psijic Order admits you as a special case and allows you to come to Artaeum, wherever it is they've taken it to. Usually, they're not particularly interested in sharing their knowledge with anybody outside the Order unless they prove themselves worthy or can meet them on an equal basis. Should you make it to Artaeum and impress yourself upon the Psijics, the secrets of the universe will be yours to discover."

You can learn more about the Psijic Order, as well as follow any future developer updates, by heading over to the ESO website. As for the Summerset expansion itself, you can expect it to arrive on PC and consoles this June 5th at a $40 price tag (including the base game and Morrowind expansion), or at a slightly reduced $30 if you already own the base game and the Morrowind expansion.

The Elder Scrolls: Online Summerset screenshot of some rather... unique elven architecture