The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heroes of Skyrim expansion artwork for a troll attack

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda's digital card game that has slowly but surely managed to carve its own niche among extremely heavy competition. After finally being released on Steam two weeks ago The Elder Scrolls: Legends is preparing for yet another massive event - the upcoming release of the Heroes of Skyrim expansion.

As you might expect from a card game expansion, Heroes of Skyrim will bring with it 150 new cards filled with brand new mechanics, powerful abilities, and perhaps most interestingly of all, some of the most iconic shouts and companions from Skyrim itself. So if you ever wanted to constantly shout at your opponent throughout the match, well... soon you'll be able to do just that!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heroes of Skyrim will be released for all platforms on June 29th, so you might want to start hoarding vast amounts of currency as the expansion is practically around the corner. None of the cards have been fully revealed just yet, but you can learn a little bit more by heading over to the official website. And finally, here's the recently posted teaser trailer, though don't expect to see much outside of some lovely artwork. Enjoy!