The Elder Scrolls: Legends artwork for the Dark Brotherhood expansion

For those of you wishing The Elder Scrolls: Legends was a bit more popular, I might have some good news. Bethesda's digital card game has now made its transition to Steam for both PC and Mac, which should go a long way towards attracting new players given the massive amounts of people using Steam on a daily basis.

Besides Steam integration The Elder Scrolls: Legends has also been updated with the first version of the spectator mode, as well as with Gauntlet Events. These Gauntlet Events will be organized global competitions during which players will compete in a series of matches, all with the intent to reach the highest spot on the worldwide ladder. Top performers in Gauntlet will earn rewards that include Card Packs and Gold, but also some exclusive in-game prizes. In the most basic terms the Gauntlet Events are in-game tournaments, which in my opinion is something every competitive card game should have, so its good to see Bethesda among the first to actually implement them.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, but you have no idea what The Elder Scrolls: Legends even plays like, you'll find everything you need to know over at the official website. If you prefer to learn through gameplay, however, you'll find the recent developer stream right below. Its about an hour long and it features match after match, so it should give you a good idea of how The Elder Scrolls: Legends works. Enjoy!