The Elder Scrolls: Legends artwork for the shout spell

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda's card game that has slowly but surely managed to carve its own little niche among some rather heavy competition. It released on Steam about a month ago, and has just recently received yet another massive update - the Heroes of Skyrim expansion.

The newly added expansion has brought with it 150 new cards filled with brand new mechanics and abilities, including things such as companions and the iconic shouts from Skyrim itself. The first time you use a shout it will be a relatively weak level 1 spell, the second time you use the shout it will upgrade to the second level, and the third time you use a shout... well, you get the idea. And since we're talking about the Dragonborn here, it is also worth mentioning that the Heroes of Skyrim expansion has brought in dragons... a whole bunch of dragons!

There are very few details to be found outside of the game itself, but if you're interested in some of the new cards you'll find a brief preview on the official website, as well as an equally brief explanation for some of the new mechanics. And finally, here's the relatively recent official trailer, though don't expect to see much in terms of useful information given that it doesn't feature even a shred of gameplay.