Dungeons 2 screenshot of Goblins reveling in their piles of gold

Dungeons 2 is a faithful homage to the original Dungeon Keeper, and it pretty much hits all of the same notes when it comes to the gameplay. In other words, Dungeons 2 is all about creating you very own underground fortress, populating it with a variety of monsters and traps, and then crushing anyone even remotely heroic that dares enter your domain. 

If this sounds like something you would love to try out, you're in luck as Dungeons 2 is currently free to grab over at GOG. That said, the offer will only last for another 20 hours as of time of writing, so do make sure to snatch it before it goes away. You don't even need to install it, just add it to your GOG account and you'll be golden.

As for whether Dungeons 2 is worth your time, I would say the answer is yes. It has some noticeable flaws and the titular dungeon is far too small for my tastes, but it is still a great deal of fun, especially if you're a fan of the classic Dungeon Keeper. Speaking of which, if you find yourself liking Dungeons 2 and wishing there was a better version of it, i would highly suggest checking out Dungeons 3 as well. It improves upon its predecessor in nearly every way and is a much better game because of it, so if you're into this sort of genre I would fully recommend it.

And just for good measure, here's the original launch trailer. Enjoy!