Dungeons 3 screenshot of Dungeon Keeper inspired gameplay

[Update]: Dungeons 4 has now been announced alongside a 2023 release date.

Dungeons 3 is a faithful homage to the original Dungeon Keeper, as well as a highly competent strategy game in its own right. As you might expect given its inspiration, Dungeons 3 is all about creating your very own fortress, populating it with a variety of monsters and traps, and then crushing anything even vaguely heroic or cutesy that might enter. And once your army is strong enough, you can also send it out into the overworld to fight via the newly reworked RTS mode.

You can get a good glimpse at what exactly all of this looks like in-game through one of the most recent gameplay trailers down below. Its not a very long video, but it does a rather good job of showcasing all of the important gameplay elements so I'd say its well worth checking out. Have a gander:

I haven't had the time to play it myself, but I am very glad to say that Dungeons 3 currently sports some highly positive reviews. It would appear that its actually a proper spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper, something I've basically given up hope on ever seeing! If you do decide to grab it, however, just make sure you're a fan of cheesy 'humor' because you're going to be beaten over the head with it throughout the entirety your playthrough.

To learn more, or just check out some of the other gameplay videos, you should head over to either Steam or GOG. And finally, I'll leave you with a couple of images, just to set the proper mood:

Dungeons 3 screenshot of a giant blood-red crystal

Dungeons 3 screenshot of an Ogre training

Dungeons 3 screenshot of the RTS combat