The Division dataminers have discovered the number and list of missions and weapons

After investing far too many hours in to The Division open beta my main issue with the game was how quickly you could blow through the content and how limited the arsenal seemed to be.

If you share similar concerns you'll be delighted to hear that according to itsgamerdoc from Reddit The Division is set to launch with 26 missions and 138 weapons to toy around with. Here's a short overview of what exactly was found:

First of all, the weapons. There are 127 regular guns of varying types, builds and modes of fire as well as a set of 11 unique and special end-game weapons. Even if there ends up being only a small difference between the majority of the arsenal showcased here I'd still say this is enough weapon variety to keep most people happy for a long time to come.

As far as missions are concerned, there will be at least 26 of them. During the Open Beta it took me about 20-30 minutes to go through each of the "tutorial missions", so if we consider that the mid and end game ones might take 30 I'd say The Division will probably last around 12-13 hours on single player content alone, a more than respectable number.

While on the topic of missions, there is also a mention of Brooklyn, an area that is confirmed to not be present in the launch version of The Division, which could indicate that its coming in a future DLC. Also, one of the missions will feature a fight against a tank... a bloody tank! I'd imagine its going to be a heavily scripted event but given how cool the destruction physics were in Open Beta I can't help but look forward to tank shells bursting open windows, shattering brickwork and demolishing cars even though the fight itself will probably be resolved by pressing F.

The Division flamethrower

The effects in The Division are rather well done

Ubisoft recently announced their free & paid DLC plans for The Division with one of the paid expansions, titled Last Stand, featuring a desperate battle against an overwhelming and skilled opponent we know almost nothing about. While we still know very little about them, they seem to be either named Black Sand (a seemingly elite organization) or Bratva which might employ suicide bomber dogs against the players, ouch!

None of this is obviously confirmed as the files could be practically ancient yet still lingering in the code, so take everything you've read here with a grain of salt. But if it does end up being true I can't say I'm displeased with the ammount of content The Division is going to be sporting at launch, especially when you consider that The Dark zone & upcoming end-game Incursion (in April) will eat away the majority of your play time.

The Division is launching on March 8th for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. You will find the PC system requirements here.