The Division DLC plans announced

After playing the open beta one of my main issues with The Division was long term appeal and the fact that the content starts to feel a bit stale after you run it over and over again.

Thankfully, it seems that Ubisoft is well aware of these issues as they have announced a whole bunch of free and paid expansions, most of which are focused on extending the "end game". Here's the teaser trailer and what to expect in the coming months:


The first free expansion will be arriving in April and will bring with it Incursions and loot trading. Incursions are challenging end-game activities designed specifically for squad play that pit you, along with your teammates, against overwhelming masses of enemies with rare weapons and cosmetics as a motivator to push through the hail of gunfire. Whether these Incursions will be designed as raids where you progress along a linear path or as horde modes where you stand your ground and defend is currently unknown, but given the wording I'd imagine its the latter.

The second expansion will be arriving in May and bringing with it the second Incursion, this time set in the Columbus Circle, as well as some new features for the Dark Zone such as challenges and dailies.

After the two freebies come the paid expansions, the first of which will launch in June and allow you to traverse the fascinating sewers underworld as you attempt to eradicate the various gangs that call that place home. The second expansion is set for summer and will add a brand new survival mode where you, and most likely your friends, will have to run around New York scavenging for supplies and trying to, well... survive for as long as possible.

The paid trio will conclude in winter with a climactic battle against a new and "relentless foe", though other than that vague statement very little is known. 

If you're wondering how much these expansions will cost I'm afraid there is no official answer but given that the special edition on Steam, which includes the pass, is about $40 more expensive than the standard copy I'd say its a safe bet to expect the Season Pass to cost $40.

The Division is releasing on March 8th for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. You'll find the system requirements here.