The Division's Incursion update is coming on April 12

Ubisoft has already announced all of the free and paid expansions that will be coming to The Division in the near future, but details were a scarce commodity until now.

The upcoming April 12 free update brings with it loot trading, the first endgame Incursion, daily missions, new enemies, gear, and random supply drops to fight over in the Dark Zone. Here's my short summary of all that's coming:

Incursions are a challenging new endgame activity designed specifically around squad play. The first one you will get to experience is Falcon Lost, a water-treatment facility re-purposed in to a stronghold that will feature plenty of new areas to fight through.

As far as difficulty is concerned, Falcon Lost will launch with two difficulty modes: Hard mode, which is recommended for players with a gear score of 31 or higher, and Challenge mode which is supposed to be... well, more challenging. To further add on to the difficulty, there are no checkpoints in Falcon Lost, so if your team goes down you will have to start from the very beginning.

Since New Gear is the main incentive for running Incursions, you bet there's going to be plenty of new and powerful stuff to collect, including four sets that unlock a completely new talent for your Agent.

Loot Trading offers you the ability to trade loot with other players, but its somewhat clunky in its design. Much like how Diablo 2 did it, more than a decade ago, you will only be able to trade loot with other players by dumping it on the floor first. 

Given that this is going to be a scammer's paradise I fully recommend that you either simply gift other players your unwanted loot, or trade exclusively with friends, everything else will eventually lead to headaches.

Assignments are brief daily tasks that serve as simple, optional side-goals to complete while you're doing bigger missions. They will refresh daily and offer you Phoenix Credits, Division tech and various other rewards.

Supply Drops will periodically fall from the sky in the Dark Zone, giving you and other players plenty of reason to shoot each other in the face. These supply drops will be guarded by some rather tough enemies, but on the positive side the loot itself isn't contaminated, so it can't be stolen from you.

Enemies will now employ Drones and Armored Personnel Carriers, the first of which is a simple aerial enemy, and the second a mini-boss you'll have to contend with. Its going to be up to you to figure out how to best fight against them.

This free update is one of two that are planned for the near future, with the second one, Conflict, bringing another Incursion as well as numerous Dark Zone features.