Official artwork and logo for Frostpunk's The Last Autumn expansion

[Update]: The Last Autumn has now arrived in full, and it appears to be a solid yet flawed expansion.

The world of Frostpunk is an ice-covered nightmare where the last remnants of humanity are struggling against all odds to not only survive in the wasteland, but to also to figure out a permanent solution before the endless winter devours all. It's certainly a bleak future, but it does make for a rather compelling story!

Speaking of which, if you've ever wondered what events led to the grim situation in Frostpunk, you might be interested to hear that the newly revealed The Last Autumn expansion will be just about that! Here's the brief teaser trailer:

The Last Autumn will be a prequel story covering the events of Site 113 and its struggle to construct the massive generator before the remorseless winter arrives in full. In other words, you'll have a brand new environment to explore and tame, one that's not yet covered by snow and thus completely uninhabitable. That alone should make for a bit of a different experience when compared to Frostpunk and its endless fields of snow.

When it comes to actual content, The Last Autumn will bring with it a brand new Book of Law that allows you to shape your society in previously unseen ways. You will also have a variety of new buildings to construct, entirely new steam-powered technologies to research, and perhaps most importantly, a whole bunch of new challenges to face while keeping your meager population as happy (and alive) as possible.

The Last Autumn will be coming to PC this January 21st. To learn more about it, as well as potentially grab it once it becomes available, you should head on over to Steam.