The Legend Of Bum-Bo is Edmund McMillen's latest game

Only in the twisted recesses of Edmund McMillen's mind could one find an entire game based around a coin-eating, bomb-farting hobo baby. Worst of all? I'm actually really excited about this!

The Legend of Bum-bo is going to be a turn based puzzle RPG with randomly generated elements, and most interestingly, a strong connection to The Binding of Isaac universe.

While there is currently no actual information about The Legend of Bum-bo (McMillen loves his cryptic twitter clues), I can tell you a few good pieces of news. First of all, its being designed, written and drawn by Edmund McMillen himself, so if you a fan of the messed up artwork and Biblical themes that permeate The Binding of Isaac there will be plenty more from where that came from.

On the programming side of things we have James Id who previously collaborated with McMillen on the mindbogglingly bizarre detective/puzzle game Fingered. Finally, if you adore The Binding of Isaac soundtrack as much as I do, you will be delighted to hear that Matthias and Jon of Ridiculon will once again be handling all of the audio.

What exactly The Legend of Bum-bo is going to be, or when its going to come out, I don't know, but I look forward to reading about the elaborate series of puzzles the community will need to solve in order to obtain such information.

Happy hunting!