The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ artwork from the trailer

After months and months of vague statements and brief previews of new items, the team behind The Binding of Isaac has decided to do something rather uncharacteristic - a proper announcement that not only revels the release date, but also exactly what to expect from the upcoming Afterbirth+ DLC. Once it arrives on January 3rd it will bring with it full access to mod tools, ~100 new items, a final chapter along with a final boss, 100s of new rooms to explore, as well as a whole bunch of other, assorted features.

And since no Isaac game can be released without a fucked up trailer, you'll be glad to hear that The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ has one as well. So if you're up for getting creeped out without actually learning much about the expansion itself, you'll find the video right below. Have a look:

As for the actual list of features, here's everything you can expect to see from Afterbirth+:

 full access to mod tools ( so you can design, edit and play and endless number of mods, features and whole new games that the community will no doubt eventually design.. )

 67 new items, 27 new trinkets and 10+ new pickups! (hows that for specific huh!?)

 a new final chapter! (yes i said chapter)

a new final boss!

a new playable character!

a new “greedier” greed mode!

a shit ton of new achievements! (62 to be exact) 

5 achievement “challenges”!

100s of new rooms! ( tons of new ultra rare rooms )

new victory lap feature! (allows the game to continue when finished)

bestiary! (enemy collection page that keeps track of everything you kill in game) 

5 new challenges!

2 new transformations!

small monthly content updates! ( every month after release we will be updating the game with our favorite fan made designs, monsters, items maybe even challenges? who knows… i may also toss a few of my own modded designs in if you are good!)

4+ new bosses and a new alt forms for existing bosses!

a handful of new enemies, features and new champion forms!

new cut scenes and music tracks!

"other stuff im forgetting because i cant keep track of anything in this game at this point."

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will set you back $10, but if you decide to purchase it during the first week of release (and you also own Afterbirth) you'll be able to grab it for a rather fitting $6,66. I'm pretty sure I've only spent $10 on Isaac so far, even though I've played it for well over a hundred hours, so I think its safe to assume Afterbirth+ is going to be well worth the money as well. Especially when you consider the mods!

Pokemon themed item from the new The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ DLC