The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ new item Poke N' Go

One of the best features in The Binding of Isaac, and the main reason why I still keep playing it 300 hours later, is the impressive variety of items you can collect. Not only are they interesting in their own right, but they also combine in ridiculous ways to either give you a massive advantage or an equally massive disadvantage. As such, knowing which items to take and which items to ignore is an important skill, and one that takes quite a lot of trial and error to learn.

However, once you learn all of the best combinations (and all of the worst) The Binding of Isaac quickly becomes far too easy as it was never designed with such min-maxing in mind. If you're currently facing such problems, worry not as the upcoming Afterbirth+ DLC is bringing with it a whole bunch of new items to shake things up!

And in order to give you a little teaser of things to come, the developers have released a brief preview for three new abilities. If you would like to see them in action head over to the official blog, but for now here's a brief description of what exactly they do:

 Little Horn - It gives you a chance (scaling with luck) to launch a massive projectile that kills any non-boss enemy it collides with.

 Poke N' Go - Unlike the useless pokeball that already exists in TBOI, the Poke N' Go has a chance to spawn a friendly enemy every time you enter a room with combat in it!

• Brown Nugget - Besides being your obligatory poop related item, the Brown Nugget is a rechargeable item that spawns a fly turret which actively aims towards your enemies and does a percentage of your damage.

But wait, there's more! According to the blog post, at least two of the bosses from Afterbirth will be receiving evolved versions in Afterbirth+. Mind you, these aren't pallete swaps or just new mechanics bolted on to the existing bosses, but rather entirely new ones. Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but from the recently posted gif it appears that Little Horn has been hitting the gym lately!

I'm afraid that's all the new information available so far, but apparently the devs are working on some super-cool and super-secret stuff, so expect to see an announcement regarding that at some point in the future. As for Afterbirth+, it will be arriving at some point in 2016, though no exact date has been given just yet.