Titan Quest: Ragnarok official artwork and logo

[Update]: THQ Nordic and HandyGames seem to be teasing Titan Quest 2.

Titan Quest is a fairly old action-RPG inspired by Diablo 2, though with enough new bells and whistles to truly set it apart. It has had a cult following ever since its original release, a following that only grew larger when the Anniversary Edition arrived last year arrived with a whole bunch of improvements and reworked multiplayer.

However, it would appear that simply remastering the original wasn't good enough for the developers as they have just recently released a brand new expansion - Ragnarok! It has brought with it a new story arc with dozens of quests to solve and hordes of monsters to slay, a new Mastery (class) in the shape of the Runemaster, a reworked experience curve and an increased max level, the introduction of thrown weapons and numerous new gear, improved character customization and a variety of new maps, and most importantly of all, the ability to wear pants!

Besides all of the new content, the Ragnarok expansion has also brought in a variety of technical and quality-of-life improvements. As such, you can expect to see new shaders and graphical effects, improved ragdoll physics that can send your enemies flying away like Team Rocket, a somewhat reworked UI that gives you better feedback in the middle of combat, easier control customization, and even more importantly than pants, a bunch of improvements to the modding tools!

If you would like to learn more about Titan Quest: Ragnarok, or just grab yourself a copy, you should head on over to either Steam or GOG. And finally, let me leave you with the recently posted launch trailer. Enjoy!