Shadowverse Tempest of the Gods Bloodcraft bat ship

After nearly an entire month of teasers Shadowverse's Tempest of the Gods expansion has now arrived. It brings with it 104 new cards to toy around with, numerous quality of life improvements and interface changes, as well as new pool of cards for the arena (Take Two) game mode.

As is tradition with pretty much any event in Shadowverse the developers are giving out a whole bunch of new card packs, 10 of them to be exact. This little bonus applies to both new and old players alike, and if the previous expansions are any indicator it will remain available indefinitely, so don't stress out about grabbing it as soon as possible.

While its obviously too early to predict any sort of change in the meta, the addition of powerful end-game control cards should at the very least make more deck archetypes viable. And speaking of which, its going to be interesting to see how the "can't be killed or targeted by spells" cards will pan out in the end. On paper the effect sounds ridiculously overpowered, but can you really afford to spend a late-game turn doing essentially nothing? Whatever the case may be its going to be an exciting few weeks until the most powerful decks rise to the top!

And finally, it is also worth mentioning that the vial bonus for liquefying Piercing Rune, Fortunehunter Feena, and Goblin Mage has now come to an end. Piercing Rune and Fortunehunter Feena now give out 50 vials for a normal card and 120 for an animated one, while Goblin Mage yields 10 vials for a normal version and 30 for an animated one. 

If you're interested in all of the minute details and bug fixes you can find the full patch notes over at Steam. Good luck with your packs!