Shadowverse trailer screenshot featuring the bloodcraft ship

It has taken Shadowverse a mere month to go from 7 to 8 million downloads, and that number is soon going to increase even further as the Tempest of the Gods expansion looms ever closer. Once the third expansion arrives it will bring with it 104 new cards to toy around with, including two new Legendaries for each of the classes - all aimed at promoting new and potentially interesting playstyles.

While the recently posted trailer won't give you a single clue about any of that, it does a rather good job of showcasing some of those Legendaries in action alongside a surprisingly good soundtrack. Have a look:

Tempest of the Gods will be coming on March 30th, so if you haven't already started saving up gold now would be the best time to do so. But if you have some important cards to craft right now, worry not as the developers will be giving out a bunch of cards packs throughout the launch week, as they have done for every expansion so far. And speaking of cards, you can find information on all 60 of the currently previewed ones over at Reddit. If you want a much quicker overview, however, you can find smaller batch over at the official website.