I don't think this news comes as a surprise to anyone that finished season 1 given that it ended without resolving many of the plot points it started. But now we have official confirmation.

In an exclusive interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Bruner, Telltale's CEO talked about their Game of Thrones adaptation and what is to come.

WARNING: If you have not played through the entirety of season 1 do not click on the link above, it is chock-full of spoilers. On the other hand I'll make sure to keep my article brief and devoid of spoilers so feel free to read on.

The first and most important thing Bruner talked about is that season 2 is not only confirmed, but is already under development so we most likely won't have to wait too long for it to arrive.

He also briefly went over the ending of season 1 and said how events that happened there are a part of a larger story and that the choices you made are setting up the stage for things that are yet to come.

The decision to leave "some" questions unanswered at the end was a deliberate one and he mentioned how our choices in season 1 will definitely have an effect on how these questions are resolved in the future.

That's pretty much all I can summarise for you without spoiling the story, but if you've already finished season 1 or simply don't care about spoilers give the interview a read, it has some interesting details and comments from Telltale's CEO.

The whole interview aside, Telltale's GoT is for me their most disappointing game. I came in to it fresh off The Tales From the Borderlands, which is an amazing adaptation, and the difference in quality was shocking.

I've been aware of the illusion of choice since The Walking Dead season 1 but it never bothered me as much as it did with GoT. Throughout the game I only had a few moments where it felt like my decisions made a difference and having the final episode end without much resolution just soured the whole experience for me.

In short - I wasn't very pleased.

But, Bruner did say in the interview that they are aware of the criticism the series received so hopefully this means they will actually address the issues and make season 2 a much better game than season 1.