Super Meat Boy official screenshot of a defeated boss

Fortnite's developer Epic Games recently decided to leverage their absolutely gigantic playerbase to create a seemingly serious competitor to Steam - the Epic Games Store. In order to get people to try it out, however, they have also announced that they will be giving away a new game every two weeks, all the way through 2019!

The first (and now long gone) game on the list was the always-excellent Subnautica, while the giveaway for the next two weeks will be the equally awesome Super Meat Boy. Simply head on over to the Epic Games Store, click on that giant "Free" button, and you'll be ready to start tearing your hair out due to the immensely high difficulty as soon as the brief download is complete.

For those of you wondering if Super Meat Boy is even worth the time and patience it will require to beat, I would say the answer is yes. Super Meat Boy might be brutally difficult and some of its secret areas have definitely made me want to chuck my mouse straight into the Moon, but despite all of that I always found myself coming back as the actual gameplay itself was extremely good. So if you're a fan of platformers and you don't mind undertaking a bit of an... interesting journey, then Super Meat Boy is well worth diving into.

Have fun, and just for good measure, allow me to leave you with one of the trailers.