Sunless Sea and Fractured Space are currently free on Steam

With the first gameplay footage of Sunless Sea's Zubmariner expansion released yesterday it makes perfect sense to drum up even more hype by offering a free trial of the base game. The free weekend will run until Sunday afternoon and if you find yourself taken aback with Sunless Sea you can grab it at a 40% discount.

On the other end of the spectrum the space-faring MOBA (we really need a better word for this) Fractured Space is free to download and to keep forever if you grab it before Monday. Here's a few words about each of them:


Out of the two I only played Sunless Sea and despite never finishing it due to its grueling difficulty in the end game I still have some very fond memories of taking my beat up little ship and exploring a vast and uncaring ocean filled with the creepiest things a developer's mind could imagine, as you might notice from the video thumbnail above.

While I found the gameplay to be simply good it was the setting, the writing and the characters that really stood out to me with Sunless Sea. Its hard to explain the Fallen London universe in only a couple of sentences but I think just saying that you can trade & smuggle souls is enough to give you an idea of how doomed the world truly is.

So if you want to try a roguelike-ish game with plenty of exploration, memorable characters and a setting that will have you immersed in no time then give Sunless Sea a try, its well worth the asking price of nothing.


Fractured Space on the other hand I haven't played but I do know a fair bit about it simply through a friend of mine. It is a five on five MOBA-styled battle between massive capital ships in space and while that does sound incredibly awesome Fractured Space also comes with a couple of issues, most notably balance.

However, unlike the majority of its Early Access brethren Fractured Space isn't simply twiddling its thumbs and hoping the complaints go away, instead it has been receiving consistent patches and updates ever since it launched in EA a while back. A fairly massive patch was released just today bringing with it many new additions as well as balance changes so perhaps my words of warning from the paragraph before are already null and void.

I have it on good authority that Fractured Space is a fun game to play and even though it might have a few issues it is also completely free, forever, so you might as well add it to your Steam account just in case it piques your interest later.