Subnautica screenshot of the redesigned precursor areas

With Subnautica's release date now fast approaching the developers have shifted their focus from adding extra content towards polishing what they already have. Back in September they added a cute little pet you can tame as well as a bunch of bug fixes, while this time around they're bringing in a variety of new graphics options.

You can now adjust bloom, lens artefacts, ambient occlusion, reflections, dithering, motion blur, color grading, depth of field, as well as chromatic aberration. I personally tend to disable most of these settings as I find them to be highly distracting, but at the end of the day having more options available is always a good thing, especially when it comes to games that are as hardware intensive as Subnautica.

Since there isn't much of a point trying to describe graphical settings, allow me to share you the very brief trailer showing off the new visuals in action. Have a look:

If you prefer the written word, or if you're just looking for some more details, you should head on over to the official website instead. As for the full release, you can expect Subnautica to launch this January 16th - a mere month from now!