Subnautica screenshot of the very cutesy cuddlefish

Subnautica's most recent updates have all been centered around extremely aggressive and terrifying alien creatures that seem to love nothing more than to chew on the player's face. As such, I must admit its a bit surprising to see that the latest Cuddlefish Update has only really brought in an adorable little pet for you to play around with.

In order to get yourself this new companion you'll first need to find a cuddlefish egg, though this shouldn't be too big of a problem as they're hidden all across the world. After that all you'll need to do is incubate the egg in the Alien Containment module, ideally create an aquarium within your submarine in order to house your newfound friend, and that's pretty much it. Its not the most complex or in-depth of features, but after being chased around by all sorts of leviathans I have a feeling players will appreciate a friendly face.

Besides the cuddlefish pet this update has also brought in numerous HUD improvements to vehicles, as well as a new HUD for the Seamoth, Prawn, Cyclops, and even the Scanner Room. You can find a few examples of the new HUDs over at the official website. And finally, allow me to leave you with a brief teaser trailer starring the cutesy cuddlefish. Enjoy!