State of Decay 2 screenshot of a sledgehammer being used against zombies

[Update]: State of Decay 2 and its Juggernaut Edition update have now made their way to Steam alongside somewhat mixed reviews.

This March 13th State of Decay 2 will be making its way to Steam alongside a rather sizable Juggernaut Edition update. Expect to see a new open-world map to explore, enhanced audio and double the amount of music tracks, an assortment of bug fixes and quality of life changes, as well as improved visuals and lighting.

The last part is exactly what the newest developer update is all about, so if you're curious what the Juggernaut Edition really has to offer in terms of visual quality, you can find what you seek in the video below. Have a peek:

While the UI improvements seem to be excellent across the board, I'm not exactly sold on the new lighting just yet. The environments look significantly better due to more realistic shadows and increased brightness, though the characters and zombies seem to be a bit too dark unless they're directly under a light source. This could be purely because of the time of day the video was taken, but either way, I'm not a fan of how much character detail is being lost due to heavy shadows.

Whether you share my opinion or not, you can learn more about State of Decay 2 and its Juggernaut Edition upgrade over at the official website.