Star Wars - The Old Republic Republic artwork showing off the Sith and their forces

[Update]: The original Titanfall has now finally (and rather suddenly) landed onto Steam.

After years of exclusivity, EA has recently started moving a whole bunch of their games over to Steam. As such, it should come as very little surprise to hear that the still-popular Star Wars - The Old Republic MMORPG has now made its way to Steam as well.

As is tradition with pretty much every Steam game, SWTOR brings with it trading cards, special emoticons, profile backgrounds, and in a future update, a variety of achievements. Also, if you already own a SWTOR account, worry not as your progress will fully carry over to the Steam version and vice versa.

When it comes to the question of whether SWTOR is worth your time and effort, however, I'd say the answer is yes if you're mostly in it for the story. While the combat and general feel of the gameplay is very MMO-like, the story is set up in such a way that it feels like you're playing an oldschool Star Wars RPG, and those are unfortunately basically extinct these days. So if you're in the mood for playing something like a nice and polite Sith and making everyone very, very confused - I'd say SWTOR is worth a try.

You can learn more about SWTOR, as well as check out newly launched Steam version, over at - you guessed it - Steam! Have fun!