Star Citizen video "From Pupil to Planet" showcases the game's procedurally generated planets

The guys behind Star Citizen have been on a roll lately. Last week they released their alpha 2.0 version with multi-crew ships, FPS combat and spacewalking, then a little while later they passed an absurd 100 million dollars in crowd funding and now they're already showcasing progress on procedurally generated planets.

The video (embedded below) is titled "From Pupil to Planet" and sufficed to say, it looks really damn impressive.


What I really find interesting from a technical standpoint is that they are generating the entire planet procedurally depending on where the camera is positioned. In other words, despite the graphics on display looking stellar (heh) it might not come at a massive hardware requirement which, if they pulled it off, would be one hell of an achievement.

So if what they say is completely true and the video didn't use any behind-the-scenes magic in order to make the whole thing work then consider me more than impressed with how well Star Citizen is progressing. I'm still not a fan of them selling ships for a ton of real money but with updates like these they are definitely getting my attention.

The only problem is that Star Citizen is still very much in alpha state and won't be releasing for years to come so if you find yourself intrigued by trailers like this and decide to support it make sure to keep that in mind because I don't want you to spend money on something only to realize its not even remotely a finished game.